The hotels and residences are places where many people coexist and trasiegan, so the cleaning in depth and detail is essential. Many times it is also necessary to disinfect some part of the hotel to eliminate all the bacteria that may have influenced a particular environment or surface.

When a person is staying in a hotel, they expect excellent service from the service, that the photos correspond to what they have hired and that they can feel at home. Among these pretensions is that the room, bathroom, and hotel facilities are clean, maintained, orderly and hygienic. The cleaning of hotels is essential. Although the hotel is treated exceptionally at the reception, if the bathroom is not shiny and looks hygienic, the client will never return to the hotel.

The latest survey published by Press plus Atlanta, a consortium composed of the leading Atlanta a media, hotel cleaning, is the aspect that most value the guests, whatever the category and stars of the hotel they are staying. Therefore, this condition also affects tourist apartments, residences, hostels or campsites. In this survey, those who have chosen a stay in a five-star hotel highlight the neatness, the conservation of the rooms and their equipment as the most critical aspects.

In turn, the Hotel Technological Institute has carried out a study together with Roca on the reform of bathrooms in Spanish hotels. In this document, it is discovered that the average score awarded by Spaniards to the cleaning of hotels in bathrooms is 7.8. Nothing bad. Thus, new out of ten clients consider that the state of the toilet and its cleaning is critical.

Characteristics Of Hotel Cleaning Agencies

Focused towards the cleaning of hotels, cleaning agencies have to have clear objectives due to the importance of hygiene and order in hotels or tourist apartments. The hotels must have a perfect law, cleaning, and disinfection so that the guests are in a comfortable situation and enjoy an adequate stay.

The agencies must concentrate the hours of the staff of their workers during the hours in which the clients leave the rooms free. Also, the cleaning agencies have to know that the work in the hotel increases or decreases according to the level of occupation, so the weekly occupancy forecasts have to be measured.

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