Tips To Attract (And Enchant) Guests At Atlanta Hotel

One of your daily goals as a hotelier is to invite new guests. However, sometimes you forget that you also have to "leave them happy."

The big difference between attracting and charming guests is that it is not enough to get more tourists or passengers to your hotel if the experience is not outstanding, exceptional, worthy of being con tied to family and friends.

Why? Because you want to be known for the unique, personalized and pleasant service you provide. Below are a couple of tips or tips to help you charm your guests.

To Love, You Have To Give Gifts

First impressions are essential in the hospitality business. Although your guests probably already had an idea of your hotel through your website, it is also necessary to cover all areas giving them a small gift when they arrive in their rooms.

Depending on the location of your hotel, the number of days and rooms booked and even the season, you can include a local or traditional souvenir with the name of your hotel included, a free drink or a brochure with personalized information about the activities that can be carried out during your stay. The important thing is to create a moment or object that generates a memory about your services.

Wifi Of Good Quality And Accessible To All Guests

If you have problems with the provision of internet in all spaces of your hotel, try to make clear to your guests where they can access a good connection. If you are innovating with online reservations, social networks, and e-commerce and your facilities are not on the same "frequency," then you have a problem.

You can add a sticker to the keys or access cards for travelers to know the wifi password, or create an "internet area" near the reception, to connect notebooks or place a computer provided by your business.

A Unique Style Provides An Unforgettable Experience

All the initiatives proposed above are not enough if your products, services and (especially) your work team are not unique.

How can you achieve that differentiating factor? First, think about your corporate image, what you are transmitting with your decor, the way your workers refer to the new guests when they check-in, how well the city knows your team and what kind of tourist information is available. Provide

The above are some of the hundreds of details that can make an average visit to your hotel an unforgettable experience. Take care of the features and not only generate satisfaction in your guests, but also increase your reputation on sites like TripAdvisor. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and enchant guests with some ideas and start to delight them.

Quick Fixed for Garage Door Troubleshooting

One of the most common problems you will find in America is a garage door that just doesn’t work the way it used to. People tend to put off attending to the problems inherent in an aging or damaged garage door for a number of reasons. One of those reasons may be that it just isn’t a big enough priority to warrant the investment of money or time. The problem is that the longer you put off fixing the problem, the greater the likelihood of the problem just getting worse and eventually requiring even more money or time. Why not just take a lazy Sunday during halftime or any time during a Sunday without football and do a quick fix? Many times the problems related to a garage door can be effectively addressed with a minimum of time, money and effort.


A garage door that sticks can be a real pain in the butt during a rainy day or when you are in a hurry. The tragedy here is that a sticky garage door can be fixed in just a few minutes. Grab a can of spray lubricant like the ever reliable WD40 and lube the rollers, pulleys and shafts. That is the first step toward fixing a sticky garage door and in most cases will solve the problem.

Cleaning Dirt

The next step in a quick fix of a sticky garage door involves inspection of the track. Look for a buildup of dirt and grime and oil and anything else that can obstruct efficient rolling of the mechanism. Dampen a cloth in mineral spirits and wiped the track clean after pulling away any dirt or leaves or crud with your fingers. Don’t try oiling the track, however, as that substance is only going to increase the rate that dirt accumulates again.

Tighten Loose Hardware

Get your screwdrivers, pliers and wrenches and set to work locating and fixing any screws, nut or bolts that have become loose. The key points to inspect are were the track attaches to the door frame or overhead braces. A door track that is obviously knock out of alignment is a sure sign that your garage door problem can be fixed by tightening some hardware.


A garage door that won’t open or close all the way could be the victim of a simple obstruction. Inspect the door to see if anything in the garage has gotten stuck somewhere to result in the problem. If so, try extricating the foreign object to see if that resolves the problem.


Take a look at those large, tightly coiled springs that help the garage door operate. You may think that you see something there that is causing the problem, like a lack of tension or springs that seem to have come out of place. If you pay attention to nothing else in this article, heed this warning: do not under any circumstances attempt a quick fix of your garage door problems by meddling with the springs. Those springs are under such an extreme state of tension that if something were to go wrong, the result could lead to a visit to the emergency room and even, under the worst possible scenario, a visit to the coroner for you or anybody else nearby. Stay away from garage door springs and live with the problem until you get professional assistance.…

The Importance Of Hotel Cleaning

 The hotels and residences are places where many people coexist and trasiegan, so the cleaning in depth and detail is essential. Many times it is also necessary to disinfect some part of the hotel to eliminate all the bacteria that may have influenced a particular environment or surface.

When a person is staying in a hotel, they expect excellent service from the service, that the photos correspond to what they have hired and that they can feel at home. Among these pretensions is that the room, bathroom, and hotel facilities are clean, maintained, orderly and hygienic. The cleaning of hotels is essential. Although the hotel is treated exceptionally at the reception, if the bathroom is not shiny and looks hygienic, the client will never return to the hotel.

The latest survey published by Press plus Atlanta, a consortium composed of the leading Atlanta a media, hotel cleaning, is the aspect that most value the guests, whatever the category and stars of the hotel they are staying. Therefore, this condition also affects tourist apartments, residences, hostels or campsites. In this survey, those who have chosen a stay in a five-star hotel highlight the neatness, the conservation of the rooms and their equipment as the most critical aspects.

In turn, the Hotel Technological Institute has carried out a study together with Roca on the reform of bathrooms in Spanish hotels. In this document, it is discovered that the average score awarded by Spaniards to the cleaning of hotels in bathrooms is 7.8. Nothing bad. Thus, new out of ten clients consider that the state of the toilet and its cleaning is critical.

Characteristics Of Hotel Cleaning Agencies

Focused towards the cleaning of hotels, cleaning agencies have to have clear objectives due to the importance of hygiene and order in hotels or tourist apartments. The hotels must have a perfect law, cleaning, and disinfection so that the guests are in a comfortable situation and enjoy an adequate stay.

The agencies must concentrate the hours of the staff of their workers during the hours in which the clients leave the rooms free. Also, the cleaning agencies have to know that the work in the hotel increases or decreases according to the level of occupation, so the weekly occupancy forecasts have to be measured.

Requirements And Norms In The Cleaning Of Hotels

The cleaning of hotels must comply with a series of pre-established conditions in their manuals of good practices and usually established by public institutions and private business environments so that the areas are sanitized and free of any dirt.

Cleaning tasks must be carried out at the time that causes minor inconvenience to customers. Thus, they must be carried out during the periods in which the guests do not occupy the rooms and common areas or have a low frequency.

If hotel cleaning is done first thing in the morning or at night, it should be done in a way that does not make any noise and does not bother the guests. However, the most common time to carry out the cleaning corresponds to mid-morning.

It is necessary that guests always know that the staff is going to clean their room, so they must announce their entry several times to confirm that the place is empty.

If hotel cleaning is done first thing in the morning or at night, it should be done in a way that does not make any noise and does not bother the guests. However, the most common time to carry out the cleaning corresponds to mid-morning.

It is necessary that guests always know that the staff is going to clean their room, so they must announce their entry several times to confirm that the place is empty.

If the personal effects of the clients are found during the cleaning of the hotels, they must always be handed over to the persons responsible for the lost objects service.

When hotel cleaning can be a risk for customers, it has to be signaled correctly, for example, when scrubbing the floor.

The cleaning elements that are used by hotel cleaning staff must be controlled and do not pose any risk to guests.

Hotels should be cleaned on a daily basis using quality products that have been previously tested and that prevent the accumulation of dust.

Hotels must be disinfected periodically. At the same time, at least once a year they must go through a process of disinfection and rat extermination to avoid any pest. You’ve got to have the best hotel cleaning tips to follow in order to execute it in a timely manner.